Guitar Tracks Online

Add professionally recorded electric and acoustic guitar tracks to your productions

After playing guitar on literally thousands of tracks over the last 30 years, I am now offering my services online for your convenience. I have played and recorded all types of guitars from nylon string, 6 & 12 string acoustics and electrics in a wide variety of styles from rock, pop, jazz, blues, country and folk just to name a few. I also have a great collection of beautiful guitars and now, with minimum fuss you can have me play on your project and bring great sounds and years of experience to your recordings. All you have to do is email me an audio file of the track and click track if there is one, and I will add the guitar parts as discussed with you and email you a rough and compressed mix so that you can hear the new tracks. When you’re happy, I’ll send you a link to download the uncompressed files…easy!

Guitars and others...

  • Gibson 335 dot neck 1959
  • Tom Anderson Drop Top
  • Tom Anderson Grand Am
  • Schecter Strat
  • Brian DeGruchy custom acoustic
  • Takamine nylon
  • Artist 12 string acoustic
  • Washburn Banjo
  • Yamaha Martin Taylor Archtop¬†
  • PRS Custom 24 electric
  • Legend Nashville high string
  • Ibanez midi guitar
  • Tenor Ukulele
  • Mandolin


  • Mesa Boogie Express 5:50
  • Mesa Boogie Triaxis Pre Amp
  • Mesa Boogie Mark 5 twenty five head
  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin pre amp pedal
  • Egnater Rebel 30 head
  • Boogie EV boxes
  • Celestion Boxes
  • Two Notes & ADA Cabinet simulators/Load boxes

Recording equipment

  • UA LA-610 Pre Amp
  • Focusrite ISA430 Pre Amp
  • DBX Dual Tube Pre Amp
  • Lexicon Reverb
  • TC 1210 Chorus Spacial Expander
  • TC 1220 Parametric EQ
  • Apex compressor
  • RME Audio Interface
  • Dynaudio BM-15 Monitoring
  • Cubase and Pro Tools Software
  • Yamaha 88 note weighted keyboard controller