Latest News on Tours, Recording and anything interesting !

October 15 : Just finished the last of five tours for gotta finish producing CD's for Skii Harvey, Steve Davis, Steve Mannix and Charlotte Rhiane. You can hear some of the Steve Davis CD on the jukebox in the "Studio" area of this website. Also just finished mixing and mastering the NSW Police Big Band CD, called "The Jazz Police"...and it's a beauty - great playing and great arrangements.

Sept 17th & 18th I'm looking forward to joining a group of "studio / recording" types to host "AUDIO SCHOOL 2011" at Claremont College in Hobart. Should be informative and fun !
Also gigging on Friday 16th with good friend Greg Souter at the Baraki Bar with the Rachel Taylor Band and on Saturday night at the Grape Wine Bar with "The In Crowd". Come along !!!